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  • When a couple faces issues conceiving a child, experts perform a comprehensive examination both of a man and a woman. The results of tests and examinations may indicate that the cause of infertility lies in the poor quality of spermatozoa. CASA spermogram is high-quality diagnostics method.

    Background and key factors contributing to this problem

    Asthenozoospermia is a condition when the number of active and motile spermatozoa is decreased. This disease causes low fertility faced by almost 40% of couples. This disorder may be caused by several factors. In preparation for achieving pregnancy applying in vitro fertilization, the most important is to identify the accurate characteristics of spermatozoa. Only after doing it, it would be possible to discuss the further procedure or the selection of an appropriate treatment strategy.

    The following signs may be reasons for analysis:

    • Hemospermia;
    • Pain during sexual intercourse or after it;
    • Prostatitis and urinary tract infections in the past;
    • Obstructive or irritative symptoms in the lower urinary tract;
    • Testicular enlargement, pain or surgeries;
    • Inguinal hernia or inguinal injury;
    • Recurrent sinopulmonary infections.

    Not only does a timely spermogram give a chance to become a father but also to detect comorbidities. In this way, it is possible to take the necessary measures in the situation before the disorder grows into a severe stage.

    Advanced CASA method

    Computer-assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) is the automatized system of sperm analysis when the concentration, motility and morphology of spermatozoa are assessed using special devices and software. Unlike convenient spermogram when those indications are assessed by a biologist, the key advantage of CASA analysis is that it completely excludes human errors, and thus the quality of analysis is higher. Nowadays, this modern method is used all around the world and is the most advanced method among the available analogues. What is more, the medical software analyses the spermatozoa more accurately, can estimate their speed, record the trajectory of spermatozoon movement and assess and record the dimensions of its main parts – head, midpiece, and tail. CASA system provides the best options for visualization of these measurements using graphs and photos, attached to the results of sperm analysis.

    CASA spermogram in PARENS Clinic

    We offer the men, who faced the problems with reproductive health, to take this test in our clinic. Semen analysis is performed using state-of-art technologies by highly professional experts. Our clinic is specialized in male and female infertility treatment, for this reason, we are experienced enough not only to detect the problem or disorder but to find the most effective way of solving the problem. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our consultants.