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  • HBA test is performed to identify the spermatozoa maturation level. Mature spermatozoa present a low per cent of genetic abnormalities and may be usually recognized due to their normal morphology and sufficient activity. They can fertilize an rgg, ensure the creation of high-quality embryos and birth of a healthy child. HBA test is important for a father-to-be and presents an additional examination option along with semen analysis. To obtain more precise information on the status of the male ejaculate and assessment of its fertility ability, it is also recommended to carry out the spermatozoa DNA fragmentation test and MAR test. Only a mature male cell can bind with hyaluronic acid, which is the main component of oocyte’s surrounding. This feature is a natural selection mechanism in Natural Conception, i.e. an egg will only bind with a mature spermatozoon.

    To fertilize an egg, a spermatozoon is to overcome two egg membranes – corona radiata and zona pellucida. The contact between the spermatozoon and egg induces an acrosome reaction – spermatozoon’s acrosome releases the ferments that create a tunnel necessary for spermatozoon’s head to penetrate the ovum. When one spermatozoon gets inside an oocyte, zona pellucida closes for the rest of them. During the next 30 days, the cell membrane of spermatozoon’s head and the oocyte merge and create one cell that will give a beginning to a new organism.

    The information obtained from HBA tests makes it possible to:

    • Estimate chances for conception, including both natural and involving the methods of IVF/ICSI;
    • Identify the reason for infertility and choose the best tactic for overcoming it;
    • Substantially increase the efficiency of IVF/ICSI.

    In this way, it is possible to evaluate the possibility of applying alternative conception methods with maximum precision. For this reason, the specialists recommend all the couples who plan to give birth to a child, using such methods to undergo this procedure.

    Indications for HBA test

    Typical indications for HBA testing are as follows:

    • Unexplained infertility;
    • Varicocele;
    • Recurrent pregnancy loss (miscarriage, stillbirth);
    • Unsuccessful IVF cycles in the past;
    • Low quality embryos as a result of previous IVF attempts;
    • Chronic diseases of male genitourinary system.

    Procedure performance and result evaluation

    Standard sperm collection is performed for this test. Every ejaculate should include a certain amount of immature gametes, but there are established norms for it. The norm is 80% and more of mature spermatozoa. If their concentration is 65% and less, it means that the quality of the male biological material is low. Generally, the probability of conception is evaluated individually for every specific case. Other indicators important for this result are analyzed as well.

    Refer for professional care

    PARENS Clinic offers the HBA test to the couples who can’t give birth to a child in a natural way and want to try using the methods of in vitro fertilization. Since our experts are highly experienced and use professional equipment, sperm analysis allows for identifying alternative conception methods with maximum precision. The patient obtains the results of this test in a few days.