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  • Cervical biopsy is special diagnostic testing to detect pathological abnormal changes in the vaginal surface of the uterus or the inner layer of its walls. The cervical biopsy is a minor gynecological procedure performed in an outpatient facility in one day. This procedure involves the retrieval of the tissue from the suspicious area. The testing of this sample can confirm or rule out a suspected oncological case or a precancerous condition.
    If an abnormality is detected in the cervical area, a biopsy is prescribed to study its origin on the cell level.

    This procedure is performed in the following cases:

    • Suspicion of cancer;
    • There is a need to treat a neoplasm or in case of precancerous condition;
    • A swab test showed a pathology;
    • There is a need to treat myoma, dysplasia etc.;
    • Colposcopy detected an issue.

    This procedure is also recommended for pregnancy planning and in cases of hereditary diseases.
    Cervical biopsy is a minor surgical intervention. Prior to the procedure, the doctor should prescribe a histological analysis and some other tests to detect any possible contraindications.

    The patient should do the following tests:

    • Biochemical blood test (this test detects antibodies to the sexually transmitted infections, Hepatitis, HIV);
    • Vaginal Swab (to estimate the level of inflammation);
    • Swab from cervical canal (cervical canal of uterus) for tumor marker and bacterial culture test.

    It is important to choose the right time for the biopsy. It is recommended to perform it in the first phase of the menstrual cycle (5-6th day, so that the damaged area of the cervix could regenerate before the beginning of the next cycle). It is necessary to avoid sexual intercourses and application of intravaginal medicines prior to the procedure.

    Recommendations after the biopsy:

    • Do not lift heavy objects;
    • Do not use tampons;
    • Abstain from sexual intercourses for a month.

    How is this procedure performed?

    Cervical biopsy is performed in outpatient or inpatient facilities, because sometimes a patient may require local anesthesia.

    The collection of cervical samples is carried out by one of the following methods:

    • conization of the cervix (cutting with radio waves or laser);
    • endocervical scraping (scraping using curette);
    • radio-wave biopsy (using radio-wave loop);
    • snare biopsy (the tissue is retrieved using metal thread with low electrification; then it sent for analysis).

    To perform the procedure, the patient lies in the gynecological chair. The next step is to anesthetize the area of the biopsy. Antiseptic or local anesthesia with lidocaine spray are used for this purpose. After that, the biological material is collected with special instruments. The collection procedure takes a few minutes. The total time of the procedure is 20 minutes. After finishing the surgery, the doctor treats the affected area with an antiseptic. The biomaterial is taken to histology.
    After finishing the procedure, gynecologist provides the patient with recommendations on preventing traumatization of the biopsy area. In some cases, pharmacological therapy may be performed to release inflammation etc.

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