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  • DNA strand consists of nucleic acids. Different factors may impair the connection between the structural elements of the strain, and thus pieces of DNA are created, i.e. its fragments – this process is called fragmentation. Sperm DNA fragmentation test is an important procedure to determine the quality of biological material for further fertilization and giving birth to a healthy child.

    Important details

    Healthy men present up to 15% of spermatozoa with fragmented DNA in their ejaculate. If this rate is higher, it is a sign of an abnormality. In case of male infertility, the percentage of such spermatozoa is 30% and more. When the patient’s rate is that high, the one faces difficulties with conception.

    Why does DNA fragmentation take place and what consequences may it cause?

    Usually, this problem is related to a decrease in protamines (special proteins) in chromosomes. They ensure a stable shape of DNA and its motility. There are also other factors that make strands break. The spermatozoon is a unique cell with a minimal quantity of cytoplasm, it is highly sensitive to the maturation conditions in the epididymis, in particular to the impact of temperature and toxins, as well as to the decrease of antioxidants in secretions of genital tracts.

    The structural integrity of sperm DNA determines the embryo development before implantation, its quality, frequency of conception and its course. The material with a high level of fragmentation may fertilize an egg, but may stop its development on the early stages both during the natural conception and IVF/ICSI.

    When is it necessary to take sperm DNA Fragmentation Test?

    Sperm DNA fragmentation test is an effective diagnostic method to detect male fertility issues.

    It is recommended to take this test in the following cases:

    • When patient cannot get pregnant, even though female issues are excluded and semen analysis results are normal;
    • Miscarriages after the natural conception;
    • Failed IVF/ICSI procedures;
    • The age is over 50;

    Factors that cause this problem:

    • Unhealthy lifestyle;
    • Impact of high temperatures (frequent visits to steam baths or sauna);
    • Alcohol and tobacco consumption;
    • Sedentary lifestyle;
    • Surgical treatment of varicocele (if there were any);
    • Impact of toxins;
    • Infectious diseases of male genital organs;
    • No regular sexual intercourses.

    Some data states that the more time spermatozoa spend in ductus deferentes, the higher is the fragmentation index, i.e. it depends on the time between sexual intercourses. For this reason, the perfect variant, in this case, is a regular sexual activity.

    Spermatozoa DNA Fragmentation Test in PARENS Clinic

    We suggest that you take this test under professional supervision. It is completely safe and provides the detailed information about the state of spermatozoa. In this way, it is possible to find out whether there is a chance to conceive a healthy child and detect other male problems. If appropriate, additional tests of biological material may be performed. You can contact our clinic to get a professional consultation.