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  • Your health is your responsibility. Even if you do not experience any symptoms, it is necessary to visit Women’s Health Clinic at least twice a year. It is recommended that a woman visits the same gynecologist. Regular professional examination performed by a doctor enables the one to establish long-term relationships with a patient and to better understand the individual characteristics of her body.
    Gynecologist is a highly specialized doctor who solves the issues related to the health of the female reproductive system, infertility treatment, pregnancy supervision and preparation for labor.
    It is believed that the first gynecological examination is to take place as early as it is possible. The best age for that is 14 years. Girls need to be examined and get professional advice before the first intercourse. In future, those appointments should be regular.

    It is also worth remembering about the reasons to schedule a visit your doctor as soon as possible:

    • menstrual disorders;
    • bloody and purulent discharge;
    • some discomfort or pain during the intercourse;
    • genital itching and irritation;
    • lower abdominal pain during the urination;
    • genital neoplasms.

    Doctor appointments should be regular if you have gynecological diseases or complaints concerning your female health. Furthermore, gynecologist consultations are necessary for pregnancy planning and during the whole period of pregnancy.

    What is the procedure of gynecological examination?

    There are some recommendations to follow in preparation for gynecological examination. It is necessary to restrain yourself from sexual intercourses for three days prior to the appointment and perform hygienic cleaning of genitalia. The best time to visit a doctor is 7-12th day of the menstrual cycle.
    Gynecological consultation consists of the communication with a doctor and an examination itself. In the course of the communication, the doctor gets the information about the regularity of the menstrual cycles, your individual characteristics and the number of pregnancies. To provide a comprehensive picture, the patient has to describe precisely her health condition, symptoms of the problems (if there are any) and to tell about the frequency of sexual activity.

    Breast examination enables to detect neoplasms. If considered necessary, the doctor prescribes ultrasound diagnostics or mammography (for women over 40 years old) and a mammologist consultation if there are such indications.

    During the appointment, the doctor takes a swab from the vagina, cervical canal and urethra. Also, a cytological swab is taken from the cervical surface. The test on the presence of human papillomavirus is done at the same time as it is the main reason for the cervical cancer development. Colposcopy is prescribed if any pathology is detected.
    Basing on the test results, the gynecologist makes a primary diagnosis and prescribes treatment. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe an additional pelvic ultrasound, laboratory tests, etc.

    The doctor starts the primary appointment of pregnant women with measuring her weight, height, blood pressure and body temperature, learns about hereditary diseases and pathologies. In future, the one monitors the condition of the mother-to-be, prescribes tests and gives recommendations.

    To solve hormonal issues, women refer to gynecologist or endocrinologist. The doctor performs tests, and prescribes medication to normalize the indicator levels in case of necessity.

    It is recommended to undergo a full gynecological examination at the beginning of menopause to start hormone replacement therapy. A timely appointment with a gynecologist helps to overcome this special period in a woman’s life with minimal discomfort.

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