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  • The clinic PARENS-Ukraine offers urological consultations in Lviv. Urologist is the doctor that diagnoses and treats both male and female urinary tract diseases. While men need urological consultations only in some cases, female urology is closely related to gynecology and for this reason, regular examinations are necessary.

    Urologist specializes in the treatment of the following medical issues:

    • anatomical and physiological vaginal anomalies;
    • pelvic floor disorders;
    • nephritis, cystitis, urethritis, rectal inflammation;
    • urination disorders;
    • neoplasms of different origin, etc.

    After examination, a highly-qualified urologist in the clinic PARENS in Lviv prescribes individual treatment if there are any disorders of genital organs, bladder, kidneys, ureter and other pelvic organs. The one also detects sexually transmitted diseases, trauma, age-specific changes, inflammations.

    There are some diseases that may be diagnosed only by this specialist:

    • Cystitis;
    • Kidney failure;
    • Kidney stone disease;
    • Urethritis;
    • Pyelonephritis;
    • Neoplasms in kidneys, etc.

    You need to use urological servicesd in Lviv in the following cases:

    • Pain in kidneys and lower abdominal pain;
    • Painful urination;
    • The feeling that the bladder is full, even though it is empty;
    • Delayed urination;
    • The color of urine changes, there is a smell, mucus, blood or other unusual substances.

    In Lviv, the primary examination consists of reviewing a medical history of a patient and discussing the problem that concerns the one. After palpation and the conversation with the patient, the doctor provides a primary diagnosis.

    The next step is to prescribe tests and diagnostic procedures:

    • Blood test (COB and biochemical);
    • Urine test
    • Pelvic ultrasound;
    • Urethroscopy;
    • Cystoscopy;
    • Bacterial swab test;
    • Swab for analysis.

    To get accurate results, patients should get prepared in advance:

    • It is not recommended to urinate before taking a swab from urethra (this condition is valid for bladder ultrasound too);
    • It is recommended to restrain from food before blood tests;
    • Hygienic antiseptics should not be used for intimate hygiene before urine collection.

    Prior to the first examination, some conditions may be violated, because it is possible that the doctor will schedule a second appointment and give you recommendations about the preparation.

    Diagnostics quality depends on a number of factors: doctor’s experience and qualification, the efficiency of the technologies used for examination.

    In the clinic PARENS-Ukraine in Lviv, urologists implement highly-technological diagnostic methods that help to provide a prompt and accurate diagnosis to prescribe the appropriate and effective treatment.

    It’s worth mentioning that woman’s urethra is shorter than man’s one, thus infections spread faster. Untreated inflammatory diseases become chronic and impact reproductive functions and negatively affect the quality of life. For this reason, it is recommended that women undergo urological examination in Lviv regularly to prevent possible problems.