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  • A consultation of a fertility specialist

    Nowadays, infertility is a wide-spread issue that is becoming even more serious every year. This condition develops due to some reproductive dysfunction. If a woman can’t get pregnant for a year during the year of active sexual life, in this case, the couple may need to a fertility specialist. Consultation is essential because it enables to identify the problem and in some cases assess whether the couple can finally become parents.

    When do you need to consult a professional?

    It is recommended to refer for help in the following cases:

    • For a year of active sexual life, the woman can’t get pregnant;
    • Endocrine disorders;
    • One person in a couple presents a genetical disorder;
    • Woman has no fallopian tubes;
    • Endometriosis of any stage;
    • Male infertility.

    If there are any issues, the fertility specialist can assess a woman’s chances to get pregnant. We recommend to visit a professional early and avoid postponing solving this problem for later. Timely consultation enables right diagnostics and makes it possible to determine what steps are to be taken to help the couple feel the joy of parenting a child.

    What should you expect during consultation

    In the consultation, the fertility specialist has to identify the reason why pregnancy could not be achieved. For this reason, the doctor prescribes special tests and a set of other diagnostic activities to identify the root of the problem. The doctor prescribes all the necessary procedures and only after that the one will be able to see the clear-cut picture and provide the patients with the instructions for further actions. After that, it is possible to prescribe treatment or artificial insemination procedure. Consultation in our clinic is performed with the appointment. You can take all the procedures prescribed by a professional directly in our clinic. We have all the necessary laboratories, devices and tools for that.

    Why is it important to visit a doctor timely

    Inability to get pregnant may be caused by some diseases. What is more, these diseases may not show any noticeable symptoms meaning that may be in a latent form. If you procrastinate with the visit to a professional, the problem may worsen, and for this reason, it is recommended to get timely diagnostics. You can visit professionals in our clinic who understand the importance of fertility specialist consultation for the future of their patients.

    Visit our doctors

    Fertility specialist is a highly specialized professional. Not only do our doctors have the necessary theoretical knowledge, but also rich practical experience. Our doctors continuously improve their knowledge; thus, patients may be sure that they will get high-quality professional help. Our clinic meets all the European standards for High-quality healthcare services. We use modern equipment and comply with high standards for treating our patients. It is particularly important in reproductive medicine and it is our specialization. We are waiting for you! We would be glad to help you!