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  • Do you suffer from kidney, bladder, urethral, prostate or genital diseases? Do you feel pain or burning while urinating? Do you feel frequent urge to urinate, bladder control problems or other issues? Then you need to consult andrologist immediately.

    Male sexual health is influenced by many factors, including: detrimental environment, extremely fast pace of life, stress, psychological issues, bad habits, peculiarities of professional activity. It is possible to avoid some of them, but in some situations only andrologist can help.

    Andrologist specializes in the treatment of the following diseases and disorders:

    • Male infertility;
    • Decreases sexual activity;
    • Prostate inflammation (prostatitis);
    • Nephritis, cystitis, urethritis;
    • Potency problems;
    • Sexually transmitted diseases.

    A man needs to consult an andrologist in the following cases:

    • Suspected genitourinary system disease;
    • Despite regular sexual activity, a couple can’t conceive a child for more than 1 year;
    • There are complications resulting from a sexually transmitted disease;
    • There are some disorders of genital system (Ejaculatory dysfunction, impotence, etc.).

    Treatment of genitourinary system problem always starts with the primary consultation. It begins with the revision of the medical history. The doctor interviews the patient on health complaints, learns about the problems in past (if there were any), performs a visual examination of genital organs. Disease diagnostics is performed through laboratory tests and ultrasound.

    Andrologist can detect the following diseases or abnormalities:

    • All types of prostatitis;
    • Impotence;
    • STDs;
    • Premature ejaculation;
    • Benign prostatic hyperplasia;
    • Warts, papillomas in genital area.

    During the consultation, the doctor examines external genital organs, analyses scrotum condition, genital lymph glands and prostate. To confirm the diagnosis, andrologist performs prostate massage. The next step is to learn about medical history. It includes information about the patient’s sexual activity and hereditary diseases. The doctor can prescribe additional diagnostic procedures in case of necessity.

    To get all the information, an appointment with urologist may include the following tests:

    • Vasoactive test;
    • Pelvic ultrasound, dopplerography;
    • Blood and urine test;
    • Semen analysis;
    • Urethral swab;
    • Biothesiometry.

    After examination and analyzing swab results, ultrasound and results of other diagnostic tests, the doctor can make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

    Reproductive condition

    The reproductive health issue is one of the most common problems for men to seek for andrologist’s help. Many couples face difficulties with conception. Often the problem is the male factor.

    The most frequent reason for this disease are as follows:

    • Endocrine Disorders;
    • Genetic disorders;
    • Untreated STDs;
    • Varicoceles;
    • Chronic inflammations;
    • Consequences of chemotherapy, surgeries, etc.

    In the Clinic PARENS-Ukraine in Lviv, an andrologist will help you find out why you can’t conceive a child. This specialist will also help you to solve other problems with male health. Do not ignore solving your medical problem– contact professionals to get a consultation!