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  • PICSI is one of the modern assisted reproductive technologies that involves injecting a spermatozoon in the egg cytoplasm. The most active sample for further artificial embryo culture is selected separately and carefully.
    In general, IVF efficiency depends on a wide range of factors, including infertility reasons of a couple, age of parents-to-be (especially of a woman), and technologies applied for this procedure. It is important to remember. that professional treatment makes it possible to achieve the desired pregnancy in most of the cases.

    A common reason for the unsuccessful IVF attempts is an insufficient number of sperm cells or the absence of motility caused by some particular reasons. In such cases, an assisted reproductive technology ICSI is applied, and in some cases – a more effective one – PICSI.

    What is the difference between these two technologies?

    The key difference between PICSI and ICSI lies in the selection of a spermatozoon for a future IVF. During ICSI, embryologist applies special microscopes with a 400-fold increase. A sperm cell is selected bBasing on the visual analysis, morphology and motility.
    In addition to the visual selection, PICSI involves also the selection using special environments that are maximally close to the egg membrane in their characteristics. Mature spermatozoa present the highest fertilizing ability and bind with environment molecules (hyaluronic acid is used for this purpose) – it determines the embryologist’s choice for future spermatozoon injection in the egg.

    Indications for PICSI

    Doctors recommend this procedure in the following situations:

    • Azoospermia of any origin (absence of spermatozoa);
    • Asthenoteratozoospermia (low motility);
    • Advanced stage of oligozoospermia, i.e. substantial decrease in number of spermatozoa;
    • Teratozoospermia (low number of items with normal morphology);
    • Active antisperm antibodies;
    • Poor quality of the cryopreserved biological material (if available).

    It is recommended to resort to PICSI if previous IVF program was not successful. Only a doctor can recommend using this technology.

    How is this procedure performed?

    Since spermatozoa have special receptors for hyaluronic acid, it is the key active substance in this procedure. After choosing a mature spermatozoon with the best motility and normal morphology, the embryologist injects it into an egg using an ultrafine needle. In this way, the embryologist takes into consideration both visual and chemical-biological characteristics of the spermatozoon to select the best one for fertilizing.

    PICSI method makes it possible to solve infertility problems almost of any origin. Most of the reasons causing the problems with conception are completely eliminated by a number of modern technologies, high-tech equipment and treatment guidelines.

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