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    It was an important decision for our team to open up a Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine” as we were making our biggest dream come true – the dream of helping couples to get European medical help of a high quality on their path to parenthood. For a lot of years, Parens clinics have been a place where couples who face infertility get the most important thing – the result. Since 2012 Lviv has become the first city in Ukraine where we’ve reached ours and our patient’s dreams!

    The fundamental values such as respect, professionalism and sincere devotion to each patient and member of our priceless team serve as the basis for our work at Parens-Ukraine.
    The quality of services provided is thoroughly controlled and the ethical board that consists of the most prominent specialists from our Parens family supervises each medical, legal, administrative and deontological process.
    We are happy to meet you at our center and be there with you while reaching our mutual goal of your parenthood.
    Parens-Ukraine is a place where people become parents!

    PARENS Center for Reproductive Medicine assists couples in solving the problem of infertility, regaining and preserving male and female reproductive health.
    Unfortunately, in the modern world, every fourth woman and man have problems with conceiving a child. But we don’t want to leave them alone with that kind of sufferings. Every person deserves to be happy.
    For this reason,Jarosław Janeczko has established a network of clinics, where parents-to-be can feel that doctors understand them and provide them with professional care. In this place, the individual needs of every couple are taken into consideration and experienced and highly-qualified staff will help you in achieving the desired result using modern technologies.
    The history of the Fertility Centre began in the city of Kraków, Poland. Back then, in April of 2005, the first clinic of Medical Group Parens was established. In spring of 2012, our Polish colleagues shared their experience with Ukraine and the main office of the Ukrainian Reproductive Center was established in Lviv. Parens-Ukraine is proud of its modern embryology and andrology laboratory. We managed to adapt the European and American advances in biotechnology. The experts of the centre continuously undertake training in Poland, Germany, Israel; they are members of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine (UARM), ESНRE and ASHRM. This allows for regular experience exchange with foreign colleagues.
    Nowadays, the Parens Group works in Kraków, Opole, Rzeszów, Bydgoszcz and Lviv. Here, we help our patients in overcoming the problem of infertility. We ensure that our clinics meet the highest standards. Our patients trust us, and we do our best to justify the trust of every one of them.
    At the same time, Medical Group Parens is a network of diagnostic laboratories for sperm analysis in Poland. What is more, the Reproductive Tissue Bank (for sperm and oocyte) was created.
    We have implemented a special program Oncofertility to preserve the reproductive function. We offer cryopreservation of sperm and eggs for the patients who receive clinical treatment. Our team empathizes with you. And every story of achieving victory over a disease inspires us for new victories.
    We strive to help every person who refers to our Centre for Reproductive Medicine using all types of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, our Reproductive Tissue Bank and surrogacy.
    Our experience, family values and sincere amiability are at your service.
    In 2020, the Medical Group Parens performed 3420 IN VITRO cycles. The success rate of the programs was 62%. Thanks to the professionals in our clinics, 1395 couples became parents in 2020. We use modern equipment from well-known European manufacturers – ultrasound machines of the new generation from Voluson and Logic.

    The embryological laboratory utilizes the equipment from well-known companies, like Thermo Fisher Scientific, Olimpus, Integra TITM etc.

    Why should you choose Parens?

    1. The average success rate of in vitro procedure in Parens is 62%.
    2. European experience.
      We are the only Polish Clinic for Reproductive Medicine, whose services are controlled in Europe by the best Polish experts.
    3. Innovations.
      Embryological laboratories are provided with unique high-technology equipment.
    4. Quality warranty.
      International certification and supervision by an embryologist from Poland.
    5. 24/7 Excellent service.
      Individual support in 24/7 mode.
    6. Trust.
      Patients from 24 countries have become parents thanks to Parens Ukraine.