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  • Parents take responsibility for the faith of their child from the very moment of its birth.
    To be successful, it is necessary to learn and prepare for that both physically and psychologically. The School of Responsible Parenting in our Centre may help you with that. The objective of this course is to educate the parents-to-be about the peculiarities of different pregnancy stages, prepare them for labor, and provide them with the skills to handle the newborn after it is born.

    Why is this course so important and useful?

    Every couple has questions about pregnancy, the birth, nutrition of a child and the appropriate care. In order to find the answers, parents buy special books, read the information available on the Internet and forums for parents-to-be. The couples that anticipate the birth of their first child worry a lot. The closer is the labor, the more questions the parents have.

    This course for the future parents is planned in a way that it is possible to engage both parents to the preparation for the birth of a child. Such classes facilitate the establishment of more harmonious relationships within the family.

    The classes in the School of Responsible Parenting in Lviv are delivered to pregnant women and families after the 30th pregnancy week and consist of 5 classes (2-2.5 hours). Communicating with a doctor, parents-to-be ask questions concerning the topics they are interested in and share their experience. Performing exercises, the couple learns the rules during contractions and labor, physical exercises to prepare the muscles for labor and obtain information about the right breathing technique. They also watch a video-material and discuss it.

    The courses in the School of Responsible Parenting are necessary for those who are anticipating the birth of a child. It helps to prepare for the labor with a partner and how to take care of a child responsively and properly after it’s born. Those courses are necessary for those who want to give birth to a child but are not quite confident in their skills. It will be also useful for people, who processof information about labor, childcare, etc., and for those who have a negative experience.


    In the School of Responsible Parenting you will get important and useful information:

    • Nutrition and hygiene during pregnancy;
    • The contractions and labor procedure;
    • Labor with your partner;
    • Psychological and medical painkillers;
    • Postpartum period and its peculiarities;
    • Natural methods of feeding a child and their advantages;
    • Childcare and preparation for immunization;
    • Family planning;
    • Contraception methods.

    The doctor will tell you about your first meeting with your newborn, emphasize the principles of proper feeding and care. The doctor will also tell you about the right behavior during labor and whether you need to involve your partner in the birth process. You will also get information about peculiarities of care in the postpartum period, rules of breastfeeding and proper lactation. We will help you to prepare for taking care of the baby under one year old, teach you the basics of massage and gymnastics, tell you about the main principles of vaccination.

    The School of Responsible Parenting will help you to get ready for labor and maternity better than any special books or online-resources. If you plan to have a baby, contact out Centre for Reproductive Medicine.