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  • In the modern world, the success and welfare of an individual are tightly bound to good health. You need to visit an endocrinologist in the Medical Centre PARENS-Ukraine, if you have become easily irritated, you feel tired and sick, and you’ve faced health problems. In our clinic, not only will you get a chance to diagnose the disease timely and get a professional consultation, but also to undergo the treatment course.

    The endocrine system is a functional system, sensitive to the emotional stress, excessive fatigue, pollution and other adverse factors, usual for modern life. Even the slightest symptoms of bad health may lead to serious consequences. That is why it is so important to visit an endocrinologist and get help.

    Endocrinologist is the doctor, who specializes in the diseases connected with glands of internal secretion. In our clinic, prior to prescribing the treatment or preventive measures, this doctor performs the diagnostics and examination of the endocrine organs to detect the failure in endocrine system function.

    In what cases do you need to consult endocrinologist?

    It is important to consult endocrinologist if the patient has one or several complaints from the list below:

    • constant fatigue and decreased work capacity;
    • leepiness and sleeping issues, increased sweating, hair loss;
    • excessive nervousness, tearfulness, hand or body tremor, irritability, grudge and depression;
    • constant thirst and dry mouth, frequent urination;
    • difficulties with attention concentration;
    • decrease in the effectiveness of the mental activity;
    • heart rhythm disorder (acceleration or deceleration);
    • sudden weight loss or weight gain in a short period of time (with the same diet and physical activity rate).

    In an appointment with endocrinologist, it is important to mention about all the symptoms, even if it seems that they are irrelevant to endocrine disorder. For example different vision disorders, eyes smarting, tears, a feeling of “sand” under the eyelids, photophobia may indicate the development of pathology of the hypothalamic-pituitary complex, thyroid dysfunction, etc.

    Endocrinologist- IVF specialist: how is infertility related to endocrine disorders?

    • Endocrine diagnostics of a woman’s health is necessary for the application of assisted reproductive technologies.
    • Reproductive issues, caused by endocrine disorders: diagnostics and treatment.
    • Diagnostics and treatment of thyroid disorders: hypothyroidism, thyrotoxicosis, autoimmune and subacute thyroiditis, diffuse and nodular thyroiditis, diffuse and nodular forms of goiter, etc.
    • Individual or collective prevention of iodine, vitamin D, folic acid deficiency.
    • Diagnostics and treatment of diabetes of I-II types. Complications of diabetes.
    • Consultation for women on assisted reproductive technologies. Selection of effective antihyperglycemic drugs.
    • Educating the patients about self-control, therapy with a diet, individual training on different topics with diabetic patients.
    • Diagnostics and treatment of the parathyroid gland diseases.
    • Obesity and overweight. Diagnostics to determine the causes, correction of body weight. Consultation for the women with ovarian sclerocystosis.
    • Endocrine diagnostics of a woman’s health is necessary for the application of assisted reproductive technologies.
    • Consultation and treatment of the men with the infertility of an endocrine origin.

    Consultation with endocrinologist

    During the appointment with an endocrinologist, the doctor will:

    • Select the appropriate dose of antihyperglycemic drugs and adjust the insulin dose for diabetes mellitus.
    • Prescribe the treatment for complications of diabetes mellitus (diabetic polyneuropathy, diabetic hepatosis, dietary recommendations – diet № 9).
    • Prescribe treatment for thyroid gland disorders.
    • Prescribe treatment for metabolic syndrome.

    A highly-qualified endocrinologist-IVF specialist will normalize your hormone levels, help you and your family to regain your health, ensure long-term and stable remission, help you to prevent the development of severe diseases.