PARENS UKRAINE Reproduction Center follows European service quality standards. We use certified equipment and constantly improve professional skills of our specialists.

Our clinic implements the recommendations of UARM and ESHRE.


Doctors in PARENS UKRAINE are leading specialists in reproductive medicine who regularly take part in international medical conferences in order to improve their professional skills and master innovative methods of both female and male infertility treatments.

Embryology and Andrology

Our embryology laboratory uses equipment from such leading companies as Olympus, Thermo scientific, Integra TITM and others.

PARENS laboratory carries out an expanded Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) that provides a qualitative, quantitative and morphological data on sperm. We also conduct DNA fragmentation testing to detect sperm DNA damage.


PARENS GROUP medical centers comply with the rules of confidentiality and strict code of patient’s consent to carry out any procedures. All information provided in the clinic is completely confidential and is not subject to transfer to a third party.

We are obliged to protect patient’s data which means we refuse to publicly comment on individual cases without patient’s consent.

PARENS offers the best ways for infertility treatment and fertility preservation in a warm and caring environment.